Tuesday, November 8, 2016

and some walking dead stuff TWD Carol Ezekiel Rick Voting Day thoughts

They changed the time to FALL BACK here and I haven't been the same since.:)
Tired, achy and generally wanting my feet rubbed. No, it does not have to be a young hot dude. yuk..
I am older now, we have improved our taste and carry on without any angst for  dumb things.
I bet we still do. If we want to conjure up feelings of guilt and shame, we can pretty much do that easily.
We do not.
We can stop and think and not always react to our strong passions and or feelings of not being accepted or not being good enough..
think twice before you react and think three more times before you act out.

Get in your cave and sing a fukin' song because guess what?
You are not that special, you live on a little tiny blue speck in space.
Far way and long periods in between of nothingness and now you think you matter, your ideas will save us and your team will have won over. Yea??
Think about this;
Blue speck in space where we have "evolved in to what we are now"
what ever that is, conquest and blood seem to be a part of overtaking a space on this rock.
It is not yours really! You know that right? You know that and yet you make up stories to get the kids to follow you. Horrid stories about burnings and stabbings and  floods and torture and they get so scared of that ultimate destruction, they do anything for that one night when they sleep comfortably and eat something sweet to the heart.

It is not yours to begin with.
Who do you think you are, anyway?
Your ancestors worked themselves literally, to the death, digging and doing "back breaking" work. When is the last time you heard the word "back breaking"..common?
Maybe in the remote Amish communities..where debauchery of men still happens, they just do not say anything about it..it happens among the holiest of men and we hide it as to not expose their evil natures to the common man..while they get to rob you of your money to support their habits.

Bring america back again? What lovely dream..what a lovely thought.
There was a whole race of humans, a civilization of nations here for thousands of years (not 300) before the white man came and completely wiped them off of the face of the earth!
Now, you are afraid of the same thing, aren't you?

Teach your family everything so that they are not scared of monsters. teach them well...
Remember when Carl almost got his arm cut off by his dad, because god, I mean Negan told him to do so he could prove his loyalty?
I would sleep with my boy and Michone that night and not let them go and the next day I would plan and be quiet and sit tight..I would plan but good, if I were Rick, which I am choosing him above all the other archetypal selections in this story..

And all the rest of the haters of the other side,

I would tell them, "go home and watch walking dead and choose the archetype that you are during an apocalypse, then we can talk.

The more I think about it, the more I am Carol, right? My husband was more like Earl and Merle and I was Carol, always watching. Was..and I am still watching..I might even say something quietly and with force..I might..

As far as Ezekiel and all his secrets from his people, well, that is wrong and keeps people following a dream rather than a real fight which is right there.
Negan, is a jerk, right? A big fucking jerk and everyone who has been broken by him must still retain resentment? Why then do they all follow and say nothing?
Why do they allow him to abuse and torture others the same as they were tortured,  and yet, they all comply, follow him and for what??
A fresh and delicious sandwich or salad, that is what! "here keep my wife, I give in"
That and a bed and not being scared and not being hungry to where you will eat dog food out of a can because there is nothing else and you can't anymore and do not care any how.
We are 9 meals away from chaos..
(please don't go spending you whole paycheck on staples for a famine, save some for soap))

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