Wednesday, November 16, 2016

1974 and jordan bajis

You fall in love with a face, and I was young. I thought Jordan Bajis was the most beautiful greek boy ever ever and he invited me to bible study. Everyone was happy. We were trying to find truth and meaning in life. I thought it odd that all these boys were all of a sudden interested in me and good boys according to my mom's and dad's standards.. greek and good family..greek and church were. Oh, Pete Samakas, what a babe he was!
It was nice with Jordan,  he took us through a guided meditation prayer thing and his sister came down the steps and said "yay, god" and it is all I can remember about her shallowness.. Of course she said that. She was one of the rich more refined greeks and her hair was straightened..haha the things you remember..
I was introduced to the crazy fat family by Jordan who said they were more advanced in the study. By then I had read the bible like all the way in three months and skipped over all of the harsh god of the old testament , he was awful with even his instruction on how to abort a baby..dude, Leviticus is nasty. I wanted the one god that songs were written about like Elton John's song Levon..oh man, I knew that album inside out.  "and there is no one there to save him, if he and I think it's going to be a long long time till touchdown...sighing singing..
So I went to their house one Tuesday with Jordan and his fine ass self, and we sat down to experience this higher prayer business and the mamma came out and started  the prayer with the most loud business chanting things and then they all started writhing and saying starnge made up words that "only god can understand" and I was frozen..
I did not know which sounds to make to to rightfully talk or speak  to god  and felt uncomfortable there..was this what god wanted? the one who would  always forgive me and never drown me or burn me oh man, they scared the fuk out of me so much, and Jordan went off to college (he was much older than me)and I began dating hunkin Nick..I wish I knew about vetiver then, we might still be together...naw..:) Nick is fine I am fine too..remember?
I love vetiver and I am glad you came when you did..

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