Wednesday, November 9, 2016

let us talk about the oils full moon super moon

I just now,took a big whiff at the modern man cologne I made a couple of years ago and man oh man has it changed! I think the clay sage is the best thing in there. There are many more things in the modern man but the clay sage really pulls me today. Clary sage is about femnal flow and grace. Modern Man began with blue cypress and lavender but you know, there is plenty of patchouli and labdanum and tonka and clary and a little bit holy basil. It is so friking good I must say! I did something perfume and I actually like it. You know how I am about alcohol..not my thing, I like oil, I just do. Clary sage though, so good, so mellow and so forgiving and accepting.

I  have two boys who use this cologne so it has has time in my shop to become itself. Not many dudes at eleneetha's?? It is cool, babies, you come when you are ready.
Do you have time to become yourself or are you dragging your heart around and creating innuendos in order to satisfy your need to stand out?

That is all full moon stuff.
Be aware and since it is closest it has been  in many years, it will pull and push and hold and break may already be in the process of adjusting and rocking our world and lo and behold, we are already rocked, it is morning and the birds are still singing.

One thing about your fears, sometimes they mean you should be ready and look at why you are scared..sometimes your fears are real omens. well, beware of being exposed for who and what you are..this cannot be stressed morfe poingnantly.

I keep trying to tell my younger witches that I can see through all that anger and really, I don't care for it, but I will be gracious for only so long as we all know..even my patience which has lasted years can dry out.

Super    Full    Moon

Money True Values Who Are You How Do You Contribute

I am super stoked for us
I am ready to share my heart
I am ready to open to goodness
I am always willing to listen
I am always willing to stand down and think
I am always secure in myself
I am always fair and honest
I have everything I need at this moment
I am always relaxed and poised
my close friends have been with me for many years
I create like minded groups of humans that think higher thoughts
no religion
no separation (unless it is church and state)
no lies and no more lies
no greed or jealousy a form of hate
jealousy is for sure a  form of hate jealousy a form of hate
jealousy a form of hate
jealousy a form of hate
jealousy a form of hate
it is don't lie to me or your own mind
I love me and I can love you
I don't have to

I do want this for you, constant joy
constant wealth
constant good health
constant self realization

open your mind now
get all you can in your head to your head won't explode if you change your mind!

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