Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The They are being elected

The Them, The They.
All I could say is that, after the pussy grabbing debacle from the one side to the naked guy on the other. LOL
The lady is being surrounded by creepers and the dude is a creeper, just not naked, and mostly a big mouth!
She is clearly better suited for the job simply in that she is a little bit bit more educated.
Don't get freaked out!
Who cares about those people. (Watch Black Mirror and tell me what you think)?!
I must admit, I love observing and how interesting the masses are!
They flock to the winning side like a drug and the losers, well, they beat innocent people up and carry on with their signs and hatred. It is powerful in a way and so backwards in my eyes and my mind. I say eyes because what we see and what we are drawn to is obviously scientific and easy to manipulate. Just say the words. say them often and make pictures in your mind and you will be drawn to those things. (The Secret) I was skeptical then and I  still found value in it. I chanted to feel better and it worked by golly. It really worked.
(I keep forgetting to ask for more)

Most of the humans will not have them. Only 1% get all the money, the rest fall under what ever the pyramid of the cast system is today in 2016 the year of our lord..our lord..
sheesh, why the lies?
He couldn't even save himself and god never showed up when the Jews actually needed him..why the lies?
Why? Why the bowing to men? Why do we want that so much? Some cannot abide such pretending for too many years of their life and they move on a mountain. Some of them die because they got too far up.Most, follow the rules and bow to the gods.

People die, they want to make sure they have a good place in line to meet the divine unknowns..
why is it divine again?
Here is what I think..
What ever I am, I am gonna die doing some really amazing acts for me and mine and if you get ensnared in some dream life of angels and heavenly mystical powerful giving loving beings..fine..but, in the back of my mind, I know it can't be..because what ever we are makes those ideas increasingly paltry notions..

So what is really your problem with a woman leading the country?
 It is a 4 year job and so far, the other guy has been lazy what with the health care nonsense..penalty to poor people again much!
Maybe she will lean towards helping more WOMEN and that should be the main thing not some name calling and what evil she may have done through the years. Has she? She is a puppet all this time and a back door person..with a huge group of men pushing decisions. I hope you know that. She has not grabbed any pussies for sure. And if she has, she has been supper secret about it. I like that.
The other guy? Is he evil? I do not think so. He is a simple minded jerk of a man who has gone through three wives. Each one being a little taller, a little younger and a little easier to train right??
Well, sure, let us have another woman hating jerk running things..yea..He has a golden bed and wants to be king and you call that "okay" and better than a lady and older lady for sure right??
I wonder how many women hate her? Why they hate her and call her names? And maybe they are being influenced by their group dynamic.
I do not know and I will not vote as I have never voted for any of them.
There will in a thousand years, have been so many of them, the they who say what we do and what we eat and how we eat and which underwear and which curtain and which table and which color..red, purple, blue..

It is up to me and up to you to say the words and ask all the questions and say what is on our mind.
And to meditate and live clean, live happy and contented and notice the world for what it is not what the TV tells.

Any thoughts?

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