Thursday, November 3, 2016

my heart rate goes up

Easily. It must be my Mars in Gemini and it is also my stellium if you will, in the tenth with Scorpio..
How can I believe in astrology and still embrace science?
Look, it all fits and you do not have to burn people alive to proove it. Even Negan does not do that.

I stayed home from work yesterday. I never touched one bar of soap or bottle of oil.
I told a girl, "no, I cannot fill a certain order..they add up and take away from my art."  I am an artist not your servant and that goes for all the people I serve at my job.. 
Order what I have or not. If you want more palo santo for example, go to eden and buy some. That may make it hard for some who have expectations. It is stressful and I do not want to make plans and and change plans and adjust my already very busy life style. Plus, when you dictate what it "should" be, it is not mine and then we go back to this, "I am not your servant".
I make art with essential oils, if you want a better one, I am sure there will be opportunities for you to fulfill your desires. I want to make a spell each time. I can't do that if there are emails up on emails..
I am not a market where you can say more  or less. That said, again, I am not light on the oils, I pour generously for the extra lingering.
There is a point where more oils just makes a mess.
I haven't experienced it too much, because I have a hand. I do. The only time I mess up is when I rush and rush..

That said, it has been quiet. I relate to my customers in such profound ways that a feel all of them. 
Using my soap is like eating my food. You will love it and come back for to that!

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