Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November the week of thanksgiving and the lie I love you more

You know, after you slaughter a bunch of brown people, you can sit down and pretend that god did it for you and you are so so so thankful.   The Jews do something similar on Passover. It is crazy shit what you can spin and as long as we all agree, it must be true, right? Humans, we are the same all over earth so do not think I can honestly accept that Babaji is living in the mountain! More pretending on that one. I also know that Elvis is not still alive meditating somewhere.
A bunch of worthy people sitting down and being thankful that they just slaughtered a bunch of other humans already living there...good on them! Or, we would maybe not have been here sharing this note. and they say evolution is not real..
Thanksgiving though..dude..
That is the real thanksgiving and aren't you just a little bit offended that the myth continues based on some collective creepy lie and the  need to actually gather together one time a year and act like you love each other and pretend other things rather than the truth.

Some truths are that bad that you cannot say them out loud. people even get mad. They want to pretend that Santa is a friend of Jesus and heaven has mashmallows and clouds everywhere while their brothers are writhing in melting hell which the soul has no meat sit so I wonder how that would feel.
We are just a meat suit.  A mutant  of meat using other meat for energy.

Yes be thankful..of  course you should. your problems and most of us, are first world. There are people living so much differently and with less and it feels so bad when you are hungry. There is food and not enough of of it so the constant yearning would continue and then you kill something and eat. You kill the other guys that eating your food and you kill the food so you can eat it...look how we have evolved to what perhaps every creature that would dominate a planet would do by now. We have man made habitats for our kill. Also, I am not paying 50 dollars for a bird I do not care for the taste of!
Listen woodsman scientist fellow who loves me, bring me a wild bird I and I would really consider your company ..wild not some health food crap or kroger bird filled with so much hormones that all I taste is salt..just like the cross, you have made a bird a symbol of some sacrifice which was really a massacre  because so many already here people were slowly driven out to extinction by you being the ones who brought filth and  disease..jeysusss!!

"hey we're here now, give us all your shit and and leave this area!"
"where will we go?'
"go west, it is nice!"
"There are other tribes living there and it is far, why can't we stay here?
"because I like it here, we insist and you will do as we say, anyhow, so you had better get packing!"
"it in the middle of winter!"
a bunch more already living people, dead and gone!

You say that I am a spoil sport? Someone who wants to rain on the pretend party?
I am not good at pretending.
Open your eyes and get your life in order..stop pretending god loves you more..I love you more, me, I love you more..and I would show up with a smile on my face.

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