Friday, November 4, 2016

new blends for the full moon and yule

Look at me, I am so full of ideas and I can feel stuff from you and sometimes I take it personally even though, it is nothing to do with me. I suppose one could say I am self absorbed and say too much.
I hope you are self absorbed too and do not forget that there is more than you.
There are always more ideas, better flow, adjustments and wondrous gatherings.

Our soap business is growing. Ours because we have come here together. Trying each new old whore as she is made, loving her and making each wash a memory and something which leaves you with a thought and I hope a smile and always a whiff for  one more.

I was just looking at a beautiful photo of mandy aftel at her organ. wow!

 How long did it take her to collect all those blends? How long did she ponder on each addition, each drop of some rare stinky ingredient? Have you ever smelled sea weed? Spikenard?
Palo Santo? Murky, spiky, hits hard and changes on your skin..yes, they all do that.

I have a list of oils I will be working with this next few weeks. There are still some sets left and I hope you get to try the specials right now at

Here are my plans for the next full moon and beyond towards Yule....
 Three new soaps I will offer..

 Organic Coconut oil, fruit delicious olive oil, mango butter, sal butter(adds longer lasting abilities), organic jojoba and shea butter for a soap that is grand, rich, basic and clean!


blood orange.

black spruce

sandalwood vanilla after bath anti oxidant skin blast
blood orange neroli after bath skin blast
patchouli rose after bath skin blast

Made to be used while you are just out of the shower or bath. Just a few drops on damp skin and allow a moment for absorption..
Ingredients are, organic jojoba,  organic borrage oil, organic rose hip oil, organic argan oil, organic baobab oil and pure essential oils.

I am working on these at this moment as we now look at  our fragrant future with hope, happiness and smelly attractors of said hope, love, future good all men and women.

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