Saturday, November 5, 2016

I think it is good

sacred love collection

Clove Blood Orange
Frankincense Myrrh
Juicy Spruce
Scared Love Trio
I want to say that it is about harmony and affection and affectionate words and greetings. "hello" Good Morning" and I love the way you say words" :)) You make me smile when I see your face and sometimes I swoon because I laugh so hard. I love the way you accept me as I am, witch, soap maker, mother, healer, artist of something or other and the rest like I would have been the professor on Gilligan's Island..ha ha ha

Clove...guess what?? It is awesome, warming, detoxifying and pain relieving. I know! Why don't we use more clove oil?
We get wrapped up in patchouli and exotics that we forget the wonderful healing properties of clove. I bet if you keep a sliver of each for a shower sometime it would a nice way to end or begin a day because all of the those properties and atoms of goodness just helping and elevating and making you think of wonderful things that you can do and will do and will conceive and will potent with intent and no regrets and no fear to make you weary and always to listen and be will to focus on what you can do best and what you will actualize and manifest so you do have to remember what you said or what you did, you'll just run along now, right at this moment, and be organized and count things that matter right now and inhale a big one a great big puff of air..take the air and think before you strike and always get higher not lower and never like some fucking pitiful beast of burden who only aches for your blood and sucks it in and then you gave it because of of some fucking rite of women or real love gave it, all of it and it drained you but good. did you replenish enough now, do have "I am so sorry" in your past? Strike now and burst its orb of icy particles holding you back for looking even further than you ever could. Who do you think you are?
I only want company is all:)

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