Sunday, November 13, 2016

tonight is the night bro

and yes, I am dancing like Danny De'vito in that movie he was in with Arnold. Have you seen him in "always sunny in Philadelphia" so funny that show. I can only watch a little bit because it is too much some days. :) All of them, from that hunky one who with the episode "Cool Mac" I friking died laughing! xxx

your true nature coming in to view.
Your truths as it were.
what do you value most?
what do you desire now?
brings forth gifts
 My word! Your words..they all mean something..lets us now talk about "Love"
What do you Love? What is it that you value most?
Right now, you have an opportunity to develop kinder modes of is not always what you want or believe, it is about what it is and patience is the way.

Your words.. They are the true weapons men use and some dumb ones with the guns.
Sorry, you do not need it, your kids are smart and will find them. When that sperm donor left, I sold every one of them. I sold them because the neighbor came over right away and offered me big bucks and then he said he would feed my family all winter (we lived on a huge  hill.  :) if I would be a mistress with him. I didn't. why? look, he said his red truck was better than I said no, but now I wonder if it would have been not bad to be an actual whore for a dude who liked red  trucks. I must have been really hot then! Plus, lol, a little bit of time after that, it snowed and I ran out of heating fuel and had to go buy diesel at the gas station down hill and had to walk because it was like five feet and no plows!
I have been having memories of that house in Kentucky I loved it so much. You could make an apartment downstairs and it went right out to the hill and the woods. Damm! Remember when I pulled grapevines till my hands bled?
I loved that place as I have loved every house I have been in. This one? Oh man, trees, food, nature in a small controllable space all my own? Yup! My mom near by, yup! Papou with visits and gifts, yup.

So full moon magnets got you pondering on things and stuff?
At least you are not Rick having to deal a visit by Negan and his goons. What a dick, Negan!
I mean who doesn't want to be loved, right? I don't know, I want to be comfort with all the loyalty. I think Rick, he tries to be good. He does and then he kills when he has to. In real life tho, the weapons are swords and knives.
Rick is going to decide what his next move is. He will think on this like a man and transform it in to something spiritual almost.
I love The Walking Dead!

Have you noticed that I haven't spoken much about the bible? Don't worry, soon I might share some thoughts on my last book on the "God" by Dan Barker
okay just a few notes! :)
The patterns in  the templates in  all the early books is fascinating because there is constant repetition of phrases like "I will bring famine and pestilence and the sword on you" and then they repeat it word for word..and over and over. You have better keep all the rules or else and guess what, I make deals with Satan and one time  he bet me that one of my best men was only good because I was watching..(job) so I let him torture the guy so he could prove he loves me  and will follow my rules. Negan all day! Yup! and yes this is still god talking, I let Satan kill all ten of  his kids and burn all his sheep and kill his cows with a sudden pestilence..and .. sigh!
God makes deals with Satan now? Bets and gambling for someones true love for him?
Well, Job got on his knees and said, "oh glorious lord god, your the best, no really the  very most wonderfullest best"
Tell me now that "god is love" the way, he is a jealous god and that is why he brings that. He hates women as whores, and when you look at other gods or stray from his rules, " I will raise your skirts over your face and shame you" some books translate that in to "I will rape you"

Tell me now how your gods are love!

I am just saying and well, it is the full moon and I do not think we should always hide behind a hazy wall of lies we tell ourselves in order to be in charge at least a little bit..
I do not want to be in charge, I want to make the old whore tonight! I have everything I need to make her but good. I might even raise my own skirts..ohh la la
Under the full moon, I will glow my good thoughts  and reflect and soak in delight and soak in comfort and family, great powers transformed in to rich layers of joy and healthy relationships..
The old whore because love is dirty and sweet and self love should be the same. the old whore because she has been alone in her thoughts for a very long time and says words to herself, on  her  behalf bringing happiness overall.
Her opinions change as they need to. Her hair always wild and her witch notes always developing, always attracting, and always graceful in her poised readiness. be ready baby..

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