Wednesday, November 2, 2016

good morning November and spooky dim afternoons who am i and who are you

Hello Scorpio :)))
Where we clean up our digestive system and clean up our space..
Be careful that the only thing that is really clean is you and every thing else looks like filth and pile of stuff you have touched for years. Okay, months.
OCD much anyone?

Well, the great thing about the scorpionic effect is that we get to really understand stuff, or at least more.
Maybe it is a good time to state calmly, without yelling, a real hard one for me, and speak your mind.
Yesterday I got in to a debate with one of my girls. She is always admonishing me for my lack of understanding of modern culture..I know! Me! The naked dancer around a fire at a pagan festival, not understanding modern culture!
Look, I hate pretending that a girl is a boy..I hate it as my mother would have hated me smoking pot..I couldn't hide from her then or now.
One time she came over and I was growing a wonderful plant..a cookie strain, and she said, "oh, I know that plant, marijuana.." ha ha hahaaa
"leave it alone mamma, it's medicine"
"okay, okay"
Me, not understanding modern culture and me, having too much concern with bible verses?

Well, I feel that the role of women is founded on all of those fake principles and maybe its is time to change as women and humans and frankly, just because every Argentinian has been haughty with me, does not mean I am racist. I guess if you show up at a rich person's house anywhere as a servant or some sort of catering,  they would be haughty. Racist? Me? I got a little pissed..and I told my ideas.. It means that each region and place has their own methods and of course they don't right away mix. There is a huge gap in general in South America between upper class and everyone else..
I hurt her feelings and told her she was condescending..I was wrong hurt my own feelings when I said it.
That is the scorpionic thing that I was lurking about  to is like that one seed of truth that hurts too much and changes you a little bit. It helps us all change and makes own brain grow and that hurts too.

Kids..young passionate adults all over the place wanting to change the world and finding that they like money too much..
all of us..

Well, Scorpio is all about money. Get ready to get some. There will be more and it is now brewing to the brim to pour over and heal and soothe and carry onward, new reviewed and revived changes.....
There is still a powerful moment now to plant some seeds of truth for yourself. How you will change and how you will adjust to the growth. How we will adjust to the growth..
I think Scorpio is easy to change. Yes, there is a fixed nature and a meticulousness, there is also the ability to listen and observe and be, if I may say, calculating, compassionate and maybe even a little courageous..

"we can all live together"

I am Rick bitches, who are you?

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