Saturday, November 12, 2016


What is with the electronics? The printer won't work right, we need a new router like all of a sudden. And as always, I am observing and testing my awesome abilities.

This full moon is powerful magnetism at work though! Big reflecting, big exposing and realizations..

It is so odd to me because I am seeing things in people all day long. It is crazy interesting and I am very good at my job. My other job, in retail at a swanky grocery store in the richest area in the US..yea..everyone who has money is not cool, or smart, or interesting, or at least versed in something real besides they are not. I look at them and know which ones are rare. I know because i am ten feet high.  That is where I have always stood. In my mind okay, high like higher learning, higher realities and for sure meditation on what is best.
People, though?
Well, the whole time you thought so highly of yourself as to put that person down in your mind as soon as you approach? To think that they are not as worthy of you, or to think that for sure you are more special in some way that he or she is not..let me say that some of those who you deem lower, only seem that way to you and  the whole time they could see right thorough your bravado and picky nature.
When will people learn, they are not more special just because they must have just that certain tea?
fuk off, I like all the teas, ya fuk..mhoohahahahaaaaa Oh man, it is so funny, right?
Not all the teas, I am willing to try them. some are not is cool. I like a nice black tea.
Look, I work retail, the people I meet are not like us. They don't even read because they are out shopping for their special things they must have. they do not meditate, because it takes time away from shopping for just that right melon. I get it. You  want the best.  In costa rica, the bad melons were sold to the people (the rest imported here for our consumption) and the mangoes fell off the trees on the ground. We picked them up and washed and ate them, there has never been a taste so sweet here after they import them.. the melons that were dented, were so good, so good.
You see, how some may have forgotten the true beauty of food, when everything has to have a name to represent their higher tastes..because they use the most expensive butter?
(I am laughing because it is true))):))

 The other thing is, it is cold here and crisp and frozen grass.

I am an enabler for the most part. It is for me to learn to be not an enabler and not afraid to say what is on my mind in order not to hurt someones feelings.
 Our feelings get hurt! That is for sure! You know why? It feels like a loss. That is why. We hate to be wrong but we get to be wrong sometimes. I told a girl one time that I would never use Now Foods brand oils to make skin care, just for laundry or cleaning.
Well, I have smelled the oils, the citruses are not bad. I have smelled worse orange oil in a store and store lemon smells like turpentine. gross! I would never put that in anything, not even the wash.
I smelled Now's lemon and a nice bergamot..not like Sunrose, but very tolerable..if not pleasant.
hmm, what smart company in so many ways. Give people what they want by buying shit tons and selling it cheap.
No way is it for me, but, I can tell you honestly, I would use the orange..if I had to  I suppose. The patchouli is not bad. Like I have said, I have smelled worse.
I buy orange and patchouli from Sunrose, she really has a refined nose with citrus oils, the patchouli, amazing and her bergamot, deep, rare, sublime, perfume, soft, lingering, delicate and is something nice. I use also Eden's bergamot. Gorgeous. It will turn, so keep all citrus in the cooler, you should.

I have been meaning to tell you. I have some great news. I have been gifted by Jake, Remember him? He was the one who was messing around with distilling for us a couple of years ago?
 He gave me his distiller! Oh, man, what a boon!
I want frankincense hydrosol and I want really good resinous essential oil of frankincense if not just for me and my own. You? Are you my beloved? If so, please understand. This is a beautiful thing and I am so excited, I am scared..
With reverence and joy, let us
I have a sweet man in Yemen who supplies me with some rather amazing hunks of resin. I even have black frankincense and a really dank brown one. (@lubanfrankincensesupplier). He is honest and sends on time. He takes pay pal and it is very very cool. He has this frikin myrrh..well, you know, I am already thinking co distillations with frankincense.

We  will talk. be at not drain not fight with me..I love you anyhow..I just do..that is the reality..I love life and I love you! NOW, here and now,  full magnetism with the moon and me, should radiate but good.
( I wanted to write it that way)

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