Thursday, November 10, 2016

when there is so much beauty and your only worry is who didn't become your king

oye..when you're  sick so sick and won't take a supplement because it is not kosher because your needs are the most special..

when you go on facebook and do nothing but complain about "this county", "these kids" and "those people"

When you come to work and act all sweet until the boss leaves and then go back to being a cunt.

When you do the same at church, you know, pray, sing and then go home and abuse your wife.

When you lie to your loved one just so you can sneak around and do wrong and maybe she won't find out..she will, he will, and you suck.

When innuendos  enter you vocabulary and you slip and  say mean things because your criteria for happiness is based on that one thing you just have to have and it has to be that way because you are special and your needs matter and your way..blah blah

when you think you can compete with me..don't..
I don't compete and don't care to.
you know why I don't?
I am happy and really, that is not the point. I will perish when I do, having done and still doing my duty. I live for that because I am glad about my choices, and, I am glad about my friends and I am ecstatically glad about who I am talking to right now..:) you! I am so happy some days my stomach hurts from it. I have always been this way.

I love each moment here and the adventures and tears? Well, yes, I have cried. I still cry. Just not as much because the truth is, the older I get, the easier it has become to be grace and poise.
I also have plenty of people here who mark my words and correct me..
That is the beauty of family and closeness with real friends and real people and real family life.
They all came home and hugged me yesterday. They ate my food and I got kisses and then they told me I am awesome...

There are many things I want..none of them are as sad and shallow as the herd's choice in their kings and saviors..
 I want a new table..I am looking at this one below with out the benches..I will use some of the chairs I already have and collect a couple more to make kind of a country feel without being too pretentious.

reclaimed wood table

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