Wednesday, May 8, 2013

one final thing

here is one tablespoon of emulsion of violet flowers. The final result (if one could say that) is a syrupy thick, purplish, burgundy thing that does indeed smell of violets, sort of.
One drop on my palm, and I could smell something a little wild. These violets which grow here are very hardy and hard to manage. you have to keep pulling them out of the garden most of the summer. Everywhere they are.I do give up at some point!
So I would say this about violets or a violet type pf person..

grieves for others
un effected by lower types
survives no matter what and looks pretty while doing it

violet leaf body oil
1 drop violet leaf absolute
1 drop oak moss
1 drop vetiver
1 drop rose leaf
2 ounces unprocessed oil of your choise ( I used green tea oil , camelia olifera)
one other option might be,
1 drop patchouli

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