Friday, May 10, 2013

eclipse may taurus scorpio cycles

 NEW family of eclipses, the Taurus – Scorpio cycle. This is a time where intentionspre-paving and saying it as you want it to be will have profound effect.
Kim Falconer

I want to say something mystical and righteous about this solar eclipse but, there is nothing mystical about our meat suits (Taurus) only something deeper after we shed painful and unnecessary things.
"I submit myself to my sucess"
I want more love
Money is an'll have to account for it and measure it and dole it out where it needs..or you can go and buy a new 500 dollar bag to forget your pain. Do you really need to show who you are in a status way?
This day is perfect to plant your seeds and ask yourself what you want.

Taurus says, (sometimes) "why do you make me hit you?"
True, hugh? You have this vibe like, "it is my way or get out"
As a result you'll have the automatic either a fight or submission.

I want more affection
I want more money
I want more flowers
Remember Taurus is about enjoying the moment and can easily caress that feeling for a long time.
But Scorpio on the other side wants that too, but they have convinced themselves that they want it a certain way..want want want.
We all want,
but with this polarity, I feel like it has gone wonkey on some level.
One thing is, Scorpio is left out, out of the loop and who ever they pull in, is also out of the loop. Remember too much secrecy and too much "alone time"  will cause loneliness and then you're like, "does anyone care about me?"
The answer is that they care about themselves and in the end people will do what they want to do..want..

Having what you want ... the ultimate happiness, isn't it now?

Really think about it and intend that. 
If somebody does not love you enough, they will not change their mind and love you more, but, you will see some good things start to happen, like  new experiences about to embark on. 
Scorpio will force us to get rid of bad things..or you can hoard them until you smell of low self esteem and broken hearted endurance..
we have all live it at some point or another and the whole business of life is that nothing lasts forever. nothing..things dissolve, die and get redone over and over and over and over..
I mean really, when are we gonna get over things? Why do  we hang on to things so hard that it changes us in to a creature like Gollum..from lord of the rings?
I feel like Gollum sometimes and then I feel like a swami, my precious smami inside..the whys and the whos of my brain and why I hang on to things. Why I have certain desires..why my eye got all hurt the other day and I had to use euphrasia and belladonna make up for my eye business, 
I want 500mls of sandalwood and another 100 mls of white rose co2 and a nice clean place without debris and hair on the floor.
You know, the Scorpio influence likes order above all things and Taurus is all about style. Look at any Taurus that you know, and they are well dressed and they all seem to know what goes with what..
So we have an opportunity to anchor these possibilities in our selves and provide for ourselves true happiness and learning to be alone to sort through our desires in our lives.
 Clean soil free living space is a must. Or some, they do that and then their car is filled with a bunch of crap they should have gotten rid of ten years ago, let along now store it in the car..I know people like that! Some of them are Virgos or Pisces people. 
The Scorpio during this eclipse teaches me that order and control are essential and presenting myself in my own awesome way is ok and it is also ok to be vulnerable and ask forgiveness and relax a little.

what do i know..:)? soapmaking for sure, yo!

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