Monday, May 20, 2013

let it blossom

let it grow

This will be my theme for the next few days or weeks even.
Right now, everything looks naked, bare like nothing is happening. I even haven't made soap in a month!
You do know however, that something is always happening even when you cannot see it right off.

This week is a great time to just relax and stay calm. Wait and see sort of thing. clean up  for sure and tie up loose ends.

Clean up.
Organise your clothes,
your closet and the corners of your kitchen, you'd be surprised to see what is under there..change the bedding and tonight, do what my well loved  friend Tonie says to do and that is kiss your pillow and say thank you. This brings really good dreams and dreams do come true, you know.

I have been hearing sirens all week too and it isn't even the full moon yet!
That makes me say to everyone, to keep your eyes open, be mindful and remember to honor yourself and be who you are..naturally.

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