Monday, May 13, 2013

ego bitchin

I know some of us can handle a Uranus square with Pluto and are able to reflect on the times and not get too worked up. Not me.
Injustice and wrong words can verify to a Libra that fakeness sucks like a heart beat, we know!
If I love you, you'll fakin hear about it! If I kind of like you I can be objective and sultry in my understanding. Yes, I said sultry. What a good word for someone who can be calm and pretty at the same time without engaging in any sort of emotional outburst.

Air signs throw swords of truth, they do, have you ever made a Gemini mad?
Yea, you're like where did that come from?

Anyhow, here is the thing about being is that you've made choices with  the dark side in a way. You have made some sort of selection which counteracts with feelings of trust
acceptance and joy.

Again, with the living the life you believe, huh?

Stay calm, I say, I mean people have their own ways of dealing with separation and detachment, whatever they, we, may be struggling with at the moment..and I mean moment, momentum, time and its'll only be what it is and nothing more. So a few turnips fell of the cart, they got jostled a little:) By turnips, I mean ego and loyalty...the facets of you and who you are constantly becoming.

I submit myself to my happiness
I submit myself to my success
I submit myself to pure understanding
with cultivated waves flowing though the atmosphere
a watery bend twisting and winding itself to my best ingathering

Have a wonderful day:)

Now let's talk about the frinkin isolates?? WTF?
You use those and think you are natural? Really?

Ok ok, in opinion, which is humble, but true, the perfume business is pure evil and lazy and have trained the general public to want to smell strawberries all the time. Why, you can now even use a raspberry keytone to loose weight, true!
But what I say, is why?
Why would you go through so much trouble to smell a banana on your body? Yes, they have banana isolates and call them natural.
They are not.
The idea of flowers and resins is they are are what they are, but, when you go in a lab and pour some chemical alcohol poly something to separate the molecules, it is no longer aromatherapy..and not anywhere near natural. I can always tell the difference.
Because people have forgotten what real smells are and then when you finally give them something beautiful like neroli for example, they pull back and don't understand the honest beauty of the flower..they only know a "fresh breeze" smell from their arm pit spray..once they begin to open up to oils, they begin to work on themselves. they will buy jasmine and put some on to submit to their famine beauty and attract a lover..just a little jasmine goes a long way though, and I do not appreciate some gal who douses herself with the sample of jasmine in my area and leaves us all with her cloud of of loneliness and angst mixed with fear of spending too much on herself.
Just buy a new bottle for yourself. You will keep it around and pick it up and the your skins oils will get on it and color it with only your electro magnetic  forces..

I do believe this is real magic, I do:)

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