Friday, May 3, 2013

aromatherapy and value

If you are kind of person who looks for value in everything, aromatherapy might be challenging for you.
Here is where size matters for all the wrong reasons. first off, price... when buying a high quantity of orange oil for example..I mean, I buy that in kilo sizes, no problem. easy, under 100 bucks for a kilo. If I  want Moroccan neroli,  I am  gonna pay and pay some more. What about rose? Good thing a little rose goes a long way! One drop of rose can sweeten any blend that is for sure. I am so happy about that! How rose is so powerful and because I like her so very much.

At my job, the people are now coming in asking me to smell their blends. Before it was like, "what's lavender?"
True! I have been a part of conversion of sorts!
So this little Aries gal I work with who is leaving, just crams her wrist under my nose and says, "smell"..
humnn, "cironella?
not geranium, but what, "lemon eucalyptus?"
She mixed heliochrysum with rose otto!
Sometimes rose otto smells a little citronelish to me..depends..Simplers's rose otto does...Simplers is an organic brand of oils at my store. I like their lavender and in a pinch, I would use the is actually getting better.
You know how some oils evaporate a little and just get creamier? Rose is like that if you can keep it in your house that long, after all you do only maybe, buy like what, 5, 10 mls at a time?
I know, man! Once you get started on our path, you had better set some money aside for the good stuff!

In retail world, out there where some ignorance may lie..I mean people, the masses who do not read much or still in some cases do not even have a computer, we encounter shock at pricing! But they hear about lavender, they want prices.
."12 dollars for this?"
 "They told me it's for sleep."
 "Does it make you go to sleep?"
"This is a distilled oil from lavender flowers which may relax you and calm your isn't like a pill at all"
"oh, I had better not, because if it doesn't work I'll want my money back"
I want to say, "you don't deserve lavender?" but..always respectful, I am...
"why don't you just dab some on your wrist right now and then just smell your wrist all day, see how you feel"?
"it will not knock you out, don't worry"

Sometimes I worry that they want to take all of our precious substances and cram them in a pill, yes you can get lavender in a pill, also Indian frankincense and mastic gum..
I feel like some things like  frankincense or mastic,  even dragon's blood should not be over used..but I have always felt like that when something is special. Remember how upset I got about Rhassoul?
Everyone and their momma wanted it for a while.
It went from chunks of rock I would get in a green paper sack,to a finely ground powder that you could buy anywhere.
I do not know how I feel about that. When it was hard to attain, I went through a whole process to make it a powder. It took me days, during which I am sure I filled it with energy and apreciattion of its goodness to me.
Ready to use can never be that..but I still buy rhassoul now and again. I just hope dr oz doesn't hear of it!
Some things are meant to be special and only for a few people. Not everybody. Nothing is equal in our Universe...:)


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