Saturday, May 11, 2013

wild rose herbs

hootin annie here,
I am fortunate in my other job to have had the pleasure to go to a lecture and sale pitch)) by Dr Terry Willard. I sat in the very front seat He was very fun to hear talk and also his ideas are refreshing.
hell yes, I would use burdock and yellow dock and red clover and flower essences are my favorite things, dang it!
"All these guys look the same", my work mate said to me on the way home. Look at Dr. Wiel and  that Paul Stamets guy!"
They sort of do! Nice clean robust faces and a beard and a little girth. Hippies with smarts from the sixties and seventies:)

I am not cleansing 2 times a year, guys! But if you have been gorging on the sweet cakes and candy and realize you are in need of some flushing, this cleanse may just be your cup of tea..I did get a sample which I'll use the liquid within this kit.

no flour
no sugar
no tropical fruit
no dairy
no alcohol
you can have a little butter..

What, no bananas? Too sweet, too much sugar, no flour only whole grains, no rice flour, quinoa flower or any other super ground thing in the belly.
I am not giving up bananas, they are so good to me..
I'll give them up for a few days, maybe:)
I have heard this idea before that you only eat the fruit which grow in your region, and there may  be some truth to that. I have to read about it a little more before I stop bananas.
The idea that cleansing in January is not as productive as cleansing in April, due to the fact that in winter your body holds all the fat it can so it can survive the cold and there is a definite spike in activity in Spring and Summer.
Plus we are for sure, more active when the sun is out warming us and all of our electric currents.:)
wild rose products

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