Sunday, May 5, 2013

mostly good and easter should be during this time of year

I bought a 20 dollar four berry pie for Greek Easter, I went outside to pick violets and came in to find it eaten by my boys..we're now having Italian Teramisu which I am fortunate to  have an awesome Italian bakery down the street..I could have walked there if I weren't so lazy:)
"Who ate the Easter pie for yia yia's house??" hahaaaa, I yelled!
All I  heard was,  "sorry mom" and I chilled out and felt bad for yelling at them. They are nice boys all!
Fine, I ate some pie.
Achatz Homemade Pies
Troy, Michigan
Four Berry Pie

 It was a delicious  pie with blueberries, cherries and blackberries with a crumbly top and the filling stays together perfectly so you don't struggle with syrupy oozy sauce..::)

The reawakening of earth during spring is glorious to say the least. Blossoms everywhere..the real reason why Christians celebrate and get dressed and eat and laugh with their family after which they nap:)

 It's Persephone and Demeter  getting back together and knowing they are safe. It is me and you talking and rekindling our mental romance with each other. Our love of our ideas rolling fulfilled in our brain. That is why weeks or years can go by and when we meet again it is as if time is nothing, we are talking and laughing like always..

It is like that for a Scopionic Life type person. We tend to collect things and people just stay around forever once we connect. I am not saying that Scorpio puts you in a cage or anything like that..non..

you want to be with us, Scopionic babes
you crave it..
you save it
you'll make it better
and you'll make it but good
you are all style
with some grace and poise
you are ten feet higher than your brood
and they know that is true
because it is true

****I have been tincturing violets, I am about to strain the first round and then add more flowers. It is beginning  to do something:) I can smell flowers, I can:)

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