Wednesday, May 1, 2013


they are all over the place  on my lawn. You know the Russian woman who lived here before me must have put them everywhere before she left. They will soon turn my whole lawn purple in the back which is something I've dreamed of for along time. Nothing but purple carpet of violets with apple and cherry trees suddenly exploding with flowers!
I will tincture these violets and I will grind them up and see what I get.
 I haven't tinctured since 1999 or something!

violet white rose perfume oil
I love violets because they remind me of fairies and sweetness in life. You mix violets with some mushroom powder and you can make a soap or take the tincture and infuse it with some ceps vibes! You could!
Tonie wants a soap to smell of dirt, like a forest floor.
I want to make her happy so here we go and...because it is the year of the snake, the soap will take care of all the archetypes which insinuate dirt, moss, and low growing violets where cautious and secretive life forms dwell. Where they quietly observe and learn and wait for their chance where they are warmed by moist moss and fragrant creepers of thyme and chamomile.
There is more I can say.
I won't.
Only time can tell it and she always does.

recipe for a future dirt farmer

ground dried violets flowers
ground shitaki, maitaki and changa mushrooms (host defense)
german cham
violet essential oil ( absolute)
clover (abs)

It'll be interesting to see what comes of it. some soaps get where they are in a year or two. it takes that long for all the components to settle down.
I am going to get my ingredients together and hopefully stun and I intend to stun myself all in all.

ruled by venus
helps libra
helps aries
and helps virgo
rich in vitamin a and c and anthocyanin which is basically able to shield skin from harmful sun can eat violets too. They are charming and tasty!

Violet white rose oil on the heart and mind chakra would nice after a bath of violets and mushroom soap..
have a wonderful  day

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