Monday, May 27, 2013

Saturn and all the goodness that lasts

Saturn in all its misery (work, the chores, kids, mother, father, husbands, all that..) holds things together..misery is something one can banish or nurture though. Look at Saturn reflecting sun light from so far away while also spinning rings of dust, some the size of mountains and water  while still maintaining all that glory..
Do not ever forget who you are and what you are holding together. Remember how loyal you are and how magnetic you are and like Saturn able to crush anything that may get in a dangerous zone. It would be like smashing a walnut..your force would be..but instead, you take that fierce desire that you can always, at any moment, express and  direct yourself  to reflect sunlight, joy, and happiness for all you have and all you do and how amazingly wonderful you are.

have a wonderful day

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