Sunday, May 26, 2013

full moon ideas

It occurred to me that as the moon did its thing this last week, we have all gone through many transformations.
Being enlightened about events can be quite painful like a sword went through your gullet and sliced you easily because it was filled with acid dripping on to its blade...
yes, I said acid..I did..

When I say we, I mean some more than others. People like me, who have been around a half century, are a little better equipped to take on forces with are undesirable. But still, to watch others go through pain is another thing. Which is why my last post may have seemed so personal..
My friend she is like, "you want a hot guy who will help you build your oven and roll you around a little"
and then the guilt about saying things like that..I said to her, "I wasn't talking about me, exactly!"
oh what if I offend someone who reads this that knows me..
Guilt may have been one of the energies which I am referring to. It isn't real, yo. It is your inner voice directing you...
Guilt because we didn't trust our instincts enough to do the right thing in the first place, guilt because we hurt someones feelings, or hurt our own feelings.
What do you expect with Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and the Sun opposite the full moon in Sagittarius square Neptune?

I hope you have a wonderful day and perhaps since we are in  memorizing, fond memories to our ancenstors and all those boys who died for  governments, rulers and kings..

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