Friday, May 17, 2013

she lights up the garden

I got  this off of my daughter's door. She draws on her walls to but I am rarely inclined to go in her chambers.:)
I went in to get kitty and found a whole door with this woman on it..
I am like, "dang, but that girl draws some mighty fine facial features!"
I feel like that right now, soaking up the sun and all that good stuff outside in Michigan.
This woman is raising her head high and facing the Sun and saying, nothing, just breathing it least that is what it says to me.

It became summer here and  there have been plants and planting to consider.
(I'll show you photos of Crabtree Manor 2013 as they develop)
so far, this is where I was yesterday.
Ready for planting having worked the soil but good.

have a wonderful day, I'll be thinking about  cardamom and juniper together..

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