Saturday, May 25, 2013

happy full moon in Sag May 25, 6:25 am, 2013

ever since we started counting time..and when was that? The ice man was in the ice for 6000 years, yet we now say 2013 based on the time when earthlings decided to measure days and nights and count them, I suppose.
I wonder if the ice man counted hours of days. At noon, based on the sun's position, he knew exactly what time to sit down and eat and rest for the hottest part of the day. Everything was  based on the weather and in winter, people stayed in doors and probably drank their wine which they made,  and ate bread which they made..
I remember a fruity drink we had in Greece, in the  village..I do..
We had a huge courtyard where my yia yia had a building just for cooking and baking bread in her big stone oven. Man, I want one of those!
I want  someone who wants one to help me build the oven outside, so, if you have an interest in earth ovens and want to do some hard work,  give me a ring.:)
Meanwhile, the full moon has been so painfully intense this  week, yes?
I know, I am tired and my bones hurt on account it hit me hard in the 12th house conjunct Saturn..Saturn is bones and the twelfth house is always to say the least, about being a hermit and out of the loop.
Yes, that is me!
How about you? Can you identify the areas where this intense full moon has effected your life? What with being in Sagittarius and Jupiter being in Gemini..clearly communication has been the number one issue in the last week.
You get a little Saturn in Scorpio mixed in there and let the ambiguity begin followed by a little cruelty in some cases.
I do not know why, but signals have been mixed up, confused or flip flopped around until we are left just whirling in a circle saying, "what happened?"
How much energy have we spent fighting something which wasn't worth the fight in the first place?
The other thing is you have a certain arrogance in the air which I find distracting..
The important thing is to let it be. Try to remember what the outcome has been for this thing you have fought  so hard for. Try to remember how you will be in a year from now. What are the things you strive for in your everyday life?

If you seek adventure, go find it, and if you seek love, ask for it..if you seek domestic bliss, say it!
Say what you want..
I want a great body.

I love my body and I love my face.

I want nice clothes.
I want a sweet man.
I want a hardy lover.
I want a scientist, horticulturalist, natural man..but that is me..

What do you want?
I want more clothes.

I look great in everything I wear and hold my head high.

I want plenty of money.
I am happy with the money I have.
I get paid well and love what I do.
I get surprise bundles of money from unexpected sources.
I want a job which I enjoy going to.
I want coworkers who are kind and honest.

I want a world which has understood that we are more than territories on earth, more than our skin color and beliefs of omnipresent beings..but that is just me.