Monday, May 6, 2013

heart of gold

I am listening to Neil young singing heart of gold makes me remember my 70's time here on earth so much. That guy, Neil, is a Scorpio man.
 I have decided to hone in on Scorpio for a while I guess, because everyone who is close to me has some Scorpio in them and some not so close too.
Hey man, even them!

It is me who is attracting this energy that is for sure. I must feel a kinship with scorpio and somewhat feel their pain and joy, their unreasonable determination on some occasions.
I like Neil. I have been listening to his autobiography in the car and even my older children enjoy that more than the anyhow we're driving sarah from work one day, and listening to his story and I am like, "sarah look up his birthday, he feels like a scorpio to me"Yup, he is!

keep me searching for a heart of gold
old man

"like a coin that won't get tossed rolling on to you"

I like Neil's sentences, he writes like that too.. like he'll go on about details of trains and Lionel and then say something completly left field , profound!
that is a scorp for you..hehhhhuhhu

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