Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Neptune square Venus

Ever since I was a little girl, when I began to study astrology, I have noticed when Neptune was doing something in my life.
As I have gotten older, I have experienced many a flood in my houses. They all coincided with Neptune doing something in my chart.
Sometimes now, I don't even think about it, I just know Neptune is here making some sort of connection to a planet.
I do have Neptune in a prominent placement attached to Jupiter and Scorpio"_))
Last month...
hot water heater, tanked out
the pipe under the laundry broke during a super load and flooded everything which was on  the floor ready to be washed.
one of my Scorpio customers, scolded me for a misunderstanding..thank you..I can now do better business on etsy as a result of this small glitch.
my Scorpio boy scolded me for trying to fix the pipe with silicone..moohaaaa
it still isn't fixed
Meanwhile, I put the hose through the window so the wash water can go out the is a very gravelly area and luckily no beloved plants will be hurt during this adjustment:) plus I one use eco detergent with lavender anyhow..
Yes, I can make adjustments, that is Mercury
Going with the flow, That is Neptune
 watery vibes, yes, but sometimes, with Mercury and Jupiter...whoa Nelly!
Floods can be  emotional, too!
(I did not cry when the pipe exploded)))

Here is the thing about destruction, the floor, having had a good cleaning, sparkles! Even under the washer, it is clean, it was laundry water, the rinse cycle..ha! Lucky break there!
Mercury Neptune conjunctions can be super creative! There is a strong desire to want to escape, yes, but also in that journey we can explore opportunities to  succumb to changes and to what  needs  done  right now.
Neptune square Venus in the sky..that is what it was...
Have a wonderful day.

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