Wednesday, May 22, 2013

do you think you can tell

strawberry flowers
lemon balm
lemon verbena

I am going to basically pulverize them in a vita mix today. I'll add coconut oil as my carrier and also to preserve the juices till night fall.
I will keep this cool and then tomorrow I'll put the whole thing in soap base of organic coconut and olive oils.

The scent is going to be earthy and green, I have to say with lavender (Kashmir) and juniper and a petitgrain which I have here from Sunrose that I find quite stunning. I used it to clean my house yesterday and let me tell you, it was nice..crispy, juicy green-y..:)

No matter what I feel that  this bar will be interesting and not so bad for the skin, what with all the chlorophyll and minerals you get from the greens.
Look at the wormwood for example, she will stomp an any unnecessary thing with no hesitation. having her around is only going to make things more precise plus, wormwood and Pluto seem to go together in my opinion and that  could be another rant:)

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