Wednesday, May 29, 2013

next soap

well, I do have to make the old whore and maybe some soul radiance soap because they are running low..only one old whore left from this batch of old whore of spring was a good year:)

Christopher made a nice sounding blend with lemon and mandarin and lime and rosemary of all things.
I tried it, it is indeed refreshing and I am intrigued and inspired to make a quick little batch.of a 4 bar little thing that'll be kind of nice. I'll add mung beans to it.
My "muse" Tonie turned me on to mung beans for the face and I purchased powdered some mung beans, ground them up  and used them on my face.
She has a way with finding just the right thing always. Maybe it is the way we fit and how she accepts anything I say or do..she does, my Tonie. She sings to me too!
And I to her.
Today it would have been this Simon and Garfunkel ditty..
Here is to you Mrs. Robinson..Jesus loves you more than you will know..whoa whoa whoa..
 Now the mung beans? What great ideas come forth when you have someone  in your life who supports your mind and your ideas and you:)
Those are the friends and lovers I have and let me tell you this, they all use my soap..or should I say, you all?
What kind of a person wants to rub patchouli and vetiver and geranium all over her bod babe?

I did make a little mung bean thing which I will add to soap, I also kept one jar for me just the way it is?
What would you think of this?
Brightening Face cleanser
 4 tablespoons ground mung beans
1 tablespoon green clay
1 tablespoon quinoa
all og 
essential oils
2 mls each of 
1/4 cup black seed oil.more or less..this you drizzle in until you get the texture that you like.

Makes for a wonderful face tonic and polish. Just add warm water to loosen it up.
Gently,  roll on your skin with just the right amount of pressure. Rinse, pat dry..add face cream, wait three minutes, wipe off any extra..proceed:)

Good skin is nice to have, yea?

Mung beans are high in vitamins A, C and K with folate  as well.
With magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.
Eat some, they are high in omega 3's and also "good" omega 6's.

I am going to cook some up with shitake mushrooms and ginger today. Sprouted mung beans are lovely and so healthy..
Fine then, have a wonderful day!

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