Tuesday, May 28, 2013

the girl and her sleeping pills

she's been coming around for a year or so
she wanted to hang out but I said no, twice
but she came again and told me some things
she wants a month off work so she can go to rehab for sleeping pills.
It was then that I noticed  her face was odd, her neck a little swollen and her eyes clouded and distant
which perhaps had made her more lonely and eager to shut out her day's events with a powerful drug.
I didn't ask her what is wrong, yo.
She told me a few times that she hates her job and the people there.

you know want Ghandi said,
"be the change you wish to see in the world"

There is a whole lot to be said about that.. like love for real, be honest and all that good stuff, but mostly the "secret" is to be happy with what you have.. to already love your life now, right now..
as far as sleep aids, I would go herbal, homeopathic and of course aromatherapy..
a nice lavender bath with a shot of magnesium always works for me. I like the powdered magnesium in a little water, some nice salt in the tub and my always awesome oils..
drink the magnesium, and then take a bath:)

Sleep potion :)
3 drops neroli
1 drop rose
1 drop chamomile
1 drop sandalwood
1 drop mugwort
add this to some soap suds before dispersing in a hottish water filled,  clean, bath tub..this way it mixes with the water better and will not float on the surface..now sink yourself in the water and be thankful. It is the secret, the law of attraction and an open door to communion with the divine and all you have to do is see it by closing your eyes.

*make sure you always have a clean bed. wash your bed linens often and spray lavender oil on them. This works because, some night, you go to bed with a lot on your mind and fret all night and then all that vibe is on your pillows. This is why you kiss your pillow before sleeping, so that your dreams are sweet and honey-fied:):)and that always carries over in to day..it does..it is mind control!


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