Friday, May 24, 2013

the rooster

the rooster soap 2013

sarah c made the clay thing. I think it  is a fine soap dish.
This soap is called, "the rooster" :)

After I ground all the material in the Vita Mix, I added it to a high olive oil soap base.
I did wonder a bit how raw juice of herbs would act in soap. The lemon balm oxidises so quickly. It had already began shriveling around the edges as soon as the leaves realized the steir stems have been cut.
Lemon balm is grand to me. It smells lemon and incense at the same time. If you drink the tea of lemon balm, it'll relax your mind and not so much your body.
As I notice her in the flower bed, she always maintains her space while looking prim and elegant at the same time. Let the peppermint creep where ever he wants to, I am staying here and making this good. And she does. She builds herself a little ridge and easily maintains her space around the others. I have her next to strawberries as they both like little hills to grow on with plenty of air and water.

You'll notice that the soap is not they have to be all pretty?
My intentions are to create a soap bar that is lovely to hold after about a week in. Then, you'll see the textures and hints of something wonderful and special in so many ways. Like the way the scent changes, its melt down during the time it's used..
The best thing is when a bar of soap goes down to a sliver and never melts! But oils do what they want to do. some maintain their firmness the whole way..(like a penis):))))

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