Friday, July 12, 2013

Mercury Retrograde

Sometimes I can understand why folks dislike Mercury..everything is going fine and he goes retrograde like three times a year and makes you waste time, energy, focus, and money..
not waste really, but if anything would go wrong and break, it would be under a retrograde..and then money flows does..even when you think you are paying attention, you are presented with new awareness under this influence. Like finally paying the piper and finally getting all your paperwork in order and finally cleaning your bedroom or sun room or patio. Everything needs your attention and all of a sudden you have to make more short trips everywhere and then you run out of gas for the lawnmower and yet another little trip down the road for gas..
luckily, it is all a dream and we are fine.
Money is here for us to use not stress us out because we don't have a new purse or new lipstick or new shoes, or in my case frinkin 16 ounces of neroli and make it the good one, from Tunisia..:)
Whatever it is that beckons you, think and do not act as if it is your last chance. Wait a day or two, don't speak about it, after a week, if you still have the same desire for your thing, go get it. I will say this, after two weeks, you forget your original reasons for "needing" it..
That there is all Mercury..Retrograde
have a wonderful day

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