Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I am listening to a book on tape. :)
I drive a whole lot so it makes me very content to be able to listen to a re telling of times and events. 
Plus it is like driving with a friend and in ten years I might even become a respectable history buff.. heh!
 At this time, I am listen to a best seller called The Plantagenets..The reader actually reads the whole book for me while I drive and at first when going through the preface and how he has the book in specific  sections, I was like, "oh sheit, boring.."
"No" I said to myself, " It is not a best seller for nothing"

Matilda of England (also called Maud 1156 – 28 June 1189) was the eldest daughter of Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine

More on Matilda

There it was, her dad the rich and powerful leader of many made all of his managers promise to be loyal to his daughter, because  all of his other "sons" were not from a marriage and were considered bastards..

(how ridiculous, yea?)
So he dies and they are all like, "we're not following a woman" and went and got her bastard half brother to become their king.
I like her because she tried. She had to marry a 15 year old just to keep her fathers money. They made her, it was not her choice. 
This period of time on Earth intrigues me. It is a point of transition in our consciousness as a human race. That women are not fit to lead. Why couldn't they be a whole loving family and lead together? Surely her dad had enough gold for everyone to be happy, no?
One writer of that time was quoted as saying, "it is as if Jesus and all his saints were asleep"
I always wonder how men can go and just burn everything down and kill a bunch of people for something imaginary, like patriotism, or, any ism, really. They did and still do. We haven't changed much as a human race..

All is well in at Crabtree Manor
We are in the midst of a Uranus retrograde and a Saturn going direct and a wet Mercury retrograde doing his thing.
It has rained and rained and then we get a few hot days, like the tropics almost!
 I like it and my  garden is flourishing.
I am harvesting;
lemon balm
wormwood (which will be distilled)
sweet chilies
basil galore
black raspberries
and I am anxiously waiting for the tomatoes to get red, yea red!

I hope that you are doing well and I hope that happiness comes to you in many surprising ways.
 I hope that we're  both are presented with a few words of gratitude coming from our own heart's mind and waving across to each other's.

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