Tuesday, July 23, 2013

morphing into transits transforming and soap shop talkin

I have fallen in love with borage oil.
(for now, nothing long term)
Borage oil comes from the seeds of a little tiny purple flower with fuzzy leaves. Borago officinalis.

In nature, there are only a few plants that can make GLA, evening primrose, borage and a some fungi. GLA is super involved in cell regeneration in your body and your skin and hair. Borage leaves are high in calcium and other minerals and in olden times, humans ate borage leaves and flowers  in salads and made cakes with borage leaves steeped in sugar. The flavor of Borage is lemony and peppery, bright.

Doesn't that sound lovely  now, borage rose geranium upside down cake,mmm! Somebody should make something like that.

I'll be making some high intensity oils for the skin in the next few weeks using borage oil and organic sunflower, cold pressed.
I will not bore you with details of how this GLA from borage is glorious in every way. How has been studied in alternative medicine as an anti inflammatory and to help in hormone balance support and skin ailments of all sorts. Borage is over 20% GLA!
I will say  that a few little drops of an oil on your freshly bathed bod babe,  such as borage oil, babe,  is very nice for you. It is cooling and wonderfully healing, let's say that!

frankincense neroli vanilla (older skin, hurt, itchy)
neroli lavender roman chamomile (calming, cooling, refreshing)
rose (everyone, heart, attraction, admiration)

It'll come as a two ounce bath oil that you should keep in the cooler and just take a little out at a time, or if you are like me, two ounces of body oil lasts me about a month and then I switch. Sometimes, I  will go to the last drop because I loved the way it felt and smelled, and then other times, I just toss it even if there is a tablespoon left. "Time to move on and try something new", I will think to myself.
Lately, all I want is rose on me.
I do like to put a drop jasmine on my second chakra, for shakti for lakshmi for durga for  saraswati and for inspiration and joyous creativity. No one can smell that unless they are real close. It is my secret place of desires and fulfilment. Up above all that energy, I wear rose, for an open heart and sweetness in heart, to accept all the good and shine on from within.

That is transformation of the ultimate wondrous kind...like, morphing. I have seen this day come!

Happiness ~Joy~Sunny Leon ~in 2013~ It was an awesome year!

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