Saturday, July 6, 2013

hello new moon

That there is the one lavender plant which bloomed this year. next year I'll have eight lavender plants flowering.
Can you imagine fields like wonder France is so nice in so many ways, there is cheese, bread and lavender!
I would get rid of grass and only have rows of lavender and sunflowers..Michigan is nice for growing lavender and apples and sunflowers, I love it here for this. There is nothing like a cherry or plum from the tree. in Summer, here in Michigan. That is how I want to  live, simply and a little off the grid. Sure, I don't have to. I can get the highest quality food available at my job, but when you pick a tomato off of your vine and eat it with one of your sweet chilies and a little salt, maybe some goat cheese and a baguette..that there is living. You drink some nice tea in the sunshine and listen to the birds.

The new moon has had me in a bit of a resting, thinking, imagining mode..I am thinking bergamot and chamomile and lavender and ylang
I am thinking lemon with lemongrass, both organic, in soap..I want to get in the shower and lemon up the place
I am thinking of new creams
sandalwood jasmine
sandalwood rose
lemongrass lemon og
patchouli vanilla
patchouli sandalwood
vanilla lavender

Don't you ever just want one bar of bergamot soap that reeks? I do! I want to get in a hot tub and be surrounded by the scent of bergamot. Not everyday, but now and again, yes!!
I bought a pound of this oil. I am pouring a bunch in a small batch of creamy shea butter soap..just bergamot, Italian. I will hold this scent down with a little black pepper and frankincense..just a few drops and one drop of lapsang sou shong :) that sounds about right.

The next two days are amazing. Be steady and be kind to your own mind. make a wish, be grateful, very glad to have what you have, be accepting, be graceful, be clean, smell nice, be natural..ask for what you want, receive with open arms, forgive, move on, get on, be thoughtful, be observant and thorough.

have a wonderful day:)

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