Tuesday, July 30, 2013

people are massively crazy

Humans are so nuts. No, not the the artists and the dreamers and the well spoken, no, the masses.
they get an amazing gift like precious essential oils and what do they want to do?
Fine, ingest a drop oil. make a special dark chocolate with rose for your lover on a special day. In cooking however, you must remember that one geranium leaf , not oil, will  be all the flavor you'll ever need.
One drop of lemon is nice, peppermint, sure, but start a trend and I get worried. Isolate a ketone and eat it. Go ahead and eat it, I mean it might make your belly flat. Mostly hack squats will trim your core and  not the ketone.
I am like, in my mind yo, :) "I am like, why would you waste a perfectly amazing sensual experience of the mind, the brain, inside your nostrils, behind your eyes lies the madula, the pineal, areas of energy which are so profound?"
So you would rather have this amazing thing that is made to go through your brain in microscopic waves of light and you would rather have it go through your small intestine where the components have to fight to get to where they need to be?
Libra Balance in me says to be fair to the plants
I do not know why but I feel like it is crazy on the one hand, wasteful and overindulgent, and on the other hand, one drop lime in something wouldn't be too crazy.But start a factory bottling mastic gum or frankincense gum capsules, I get a little miffed!
Being in retail, I get to see what the masses will automatically buy or turn to.
I think to myself when they ask about krill oil,  which my company will not sell because they at least care about whales a little, but I wonder, how people can be so selfish, as to take all the krill from the whales because some dumb bearded doctor on tv, said  it was better than any other thing for joint pain and brain health. He didn't say go and eat a little red algae for astaxanthin because krill have more astaxanthin than you will even need in one lifetime.
 One lady, one of many Dr Oz fans, came every week and bought whatever that guy would say to buy and I was like, fine, she wants to try garcinia, I will  sell to her. Later, I found out she would return each thing to try another item. She is still overweight. Why?  Because she eats too much or takes too many capsules  of materials made to be gathered (work)not massively produced (stagnancy).
I always tell them, that we also have real tamarind fruit in produce, try one, it is tangy and makes you just as thin. I think you can go to any Asian area in any grocery and find tamarind paste.
 In Costa Rica, they take the fruit when ripe, it gets all gooey and think in its pod right on the tree, they peel the fruit,  pour hot water on the cleaned fruit and that separates the fruit  from the seed,  and then they take out the seeds and put the fruit in a blender with more water and cane sugar and the blend and drink that on a hot day. which is most days in the jungle.
We're too busy to peel our own tamarind! :)))

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