Tuesday, July 30, 2013

fresh royal jelly facial

I table spoon borage oil
1 tablespoon royal jelly

gently whip and apply to face and neck
gently roll on your skin and then rinse with water and pat dry

I let mine stay on for twenty minutes. I feels good. The royal jelly drys a little on the surface of your skin and I can feel it pulling as if my skin is taking some of the vitamins and healthy nutrient from the bee.

 The Borage keeps it from getting too firm. I am about to rinse...

Next time I'll do it with some lavender drops..I just wanted nothing to start with. To see if I like it. Or maybe just rose..

I used Stakich Royal Jelly because he is local, but you can buy royal jelly at any nice health food store..

Have a wonderful day:)

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