Sunday, July 28, 2013

friends for life

I make friends for life and sure I've had separations which have lasted lifetimes with some..
ok, one or two:)
Right! You cannot hang on to hurtin' types all your life. But..for the most part I would say that 99%  of my circle of lifetime friends are loyal loved ones no matter what. Even if years go by, we can call one another and talk as if it were yesterday.
I accept them all with their quirky ways and here is the best part, they accept me the way I am.
 I am intense, emotional, high energy and have a mouth..a big one sometimes! Maybe we are all like those plants in the picture, all super special but not all equal..take cilantro  already going to seed with its flowers so feathery and so very shallowly rooted that you can pluck it with very little effort. Take the calendulas, they are so sweet, they open during the day and then close themselves up at night to protect the beautiful flowers, oh so soft and fragrant. I just want to hold them to my face and smell. I can't remember smelling such a fine fragrance from a flower in a long time. The flowers of calendula make you shine from within, clear your mind, and help your eyes with you eat them. I should make a tincture in August!
I want to be the vine....

Three Days 

I made some soap:) Here is the dirty truth before labels. I can't hardly wait to cut the one in the middle, just like a good Libra woman would!
at the top we have a soap with coconut milk and fresh lime oil.  Very nice, a gorgeous citrus coming through and the coconut milk, makes for a dense long lasting bar..I should make that one more often.

In the middle,
an interesting sweet orange ylang ylang with some other heady helpers to hold the volatility of the organic orange oil down... such as,  peru balsam, tonka, patchouli and yummy labdanum.

 Lemony Lemon Balm Soap with organic rose hydrosol

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