Wednesday, July 17, 2013

just because you are greateful doesn't mean you are smiling all the time

We are having a Uranus transit and this crazy sideways planet is  retrograde too.
Think the trickster, the fool or both and don't be vague and then blame others for your misunderstandings.
Uranus brings a little quirky, a little crazy.
Think self serving and think foolish choices, maybe, but also think about your wishes coming through. Focus on speaking your mind and focus on what you really want..your secret wishes suddenly in a flashes of awareness and movement. Like, "oh, yea"
No not all of your wishes, but one or two you had forgotten about. Maybe you have been scared of some money thing, or your face or your hair or you can't sleep..your lover becomes real and  not some dreamy fantasy..
There may be a  few random accidents..violent and destructive.
It can be a death of a favorite wall screen that  someone has had for years and then kitty in all her innocent happiness and joy, knocks over, and breaks the fakin thing!
She didn't mean it and that someone could be inconsolable for a few minutes when the shock of the whole tragedy came  clearly to light.
I forgive my kitty. She is so sweet. She didn't mean to break my antique funky of my boys took it as a treasure for their room. Still, I am not above sending kitty to the garage for the rest of her days with me..too harsh?

As Uranus travels through Aries, we should all take a minute or two to thank our inner mind's eye for looking out for us and we should remember to say what we want..say it and not resort to lower type behaviors..drugs, weird sex, obsessive control, jealousy and rage..get rid of what needs done and everything will take care of itself.


Have a wonderful day:)

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