Sunday, July 21, 2013


You know, I am working and doing my thing at work when I see and hear an old client chatting about essential oils  with one of my vendors.
They start talking about young living and how this new company is a step above them..I won't say who they are, but I got a little more curious and asked, how are they better? ( They aren't! not young living, not anybody, but more on that later)
The sales girl goes, 'I don't know, they use lower temperatures for their oils"
me, "how can that be, distillation is distillation, do they co2 their materials?"
"er, ah..I do not know, but they are better than "therapeutic"
I had to walk away before I scolded them both. The client who was talking sheit while reeking of stale cigarettes and the enthusiastic demo girl, both!
 I did talk to  the demo girl though..I wanted her to know the facts before she got into her sales pitch. I told her  to read the facts and smell  each oil and then compare that to another one. You may have and make decisions on your own brains chemistry. Sure, most lime peel oil all smells the same, but you get a green lemon and a yellow lemon oil and there will be differences, every time. Oils are like wine, they reflect a time, a season,  as well as a smell composition..but you know all that..

Hey man, we all make mistakes. In the 80's I was using honeysuckle soap and thought it was the best thing.
Remember Aubrey, we loved that brand!
Well it turns out that this new super more something  brand uses their own data to proclaim how amazing they are and I do understand that.
On the one hand, I am super glad people are using essential oils to heal their mind, on the other, I get impatient with blanket statements of what is "the best". Not any one company can claim to  have the most amazing oils..they can not.
Not unless you have your connoisseurs like, Tonie, Michelle, Justine, Patti, Trudy, Lisa, Martha, Barbara, Tianna, me, you,  Marge from Natures Gift, or Roseann from Sunrose or even Christopher at White Lotus Aromatics..Even the connoisseurs can't control a not so great oil. Every year a rose oil I buy smells like nothing I've had before. Not one patchouli and not one vetiver. If you get the vetiver from India, it smells smokey, and the one from Hattie makes your mouth water a little, I had one from Madagascar once, it was heavenly! I wish I had bought  a few pounds of that vetiver!

Europeans have been distilling since the 11th century and before that  and for about the 40 thousand years and much more,  humans have been working with  plants to smell good and heal wounds.
 Look at birch tar and resins of all sorts.
You're walking on the hill, flowers everywhere, you pluck one, smell it and rub it in your hair, you just do!
You are a cave woman and your caveman man brings you a nugget of frankincense from a tree where he slept under while hunting for your little melt it and put on a wound and it smells up your hut..
I know that is how it works.

I smelled some vetiver a few years ago from David Crow at Floracopea and OMG, it was so friking lovely, unforgettable really.


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