Saturday, July 13, 2013

More Merc and Saturn

We are actually getting it done it just seems like there is a push to change and communicate about it.
Mercury is about to go direct soon, and Saturn is going to push through Scorpio in the heavens for the next few years.
As Saturn goes through my tenth house I will focus on my work and how I'll make it special.
also with Saturn,  to look out for some bone and teeth fix ups. it true, Saturn brings bones to light. How your bones hold you up so elegantly, or crooked depending..For some who have Saturn prominent, there are definitely issues with the bones. maybe it means you look very angular, or serious all the time. At work I have gotten more serious. I am focused and can hone in on my purchases and how it effects my clients there.
At home, I can rest my weary bones on my awesome sofa and think about all the goodness.
most days..hey, I am not a saint, if I am working with a uber air type, I get frazzled. Too much! Saturn in the tenth is structure and leading authorities, weather it is me or the other guy, there is an hierarchy and it is clear how it is practiced...and it is very serious.
I am talking about Saturn because I think we all feel a little shift.
head achy
super sad all of a sudden for no reason or a small one
teeth hurt
knees hurt's ok.
Saturn can deal with heart ache and understands the mundane aspect of it and can move on with ease. Forget? No...
Saturn types can remember conversations word for word if you want them to:)

Our solar system is a whole working and osculating organism, if one of our huge planets whose light can touch us goes through a rumbly change, we get rumbly and shaken, we're going to feel it.
Where is Saturn transiting in your chart?
Does Saturn rule any planets in your horoscope?
so look at the planets and how they are placed...look at the tenth house and what you have there. saturn rules the tenth.
Maybe you are a Capricorn person or have planets in Capricorn, you would locate the house they are in and get a pretty clear idea of what is going on..
It sounds complicated but it isn't, just like everything in life..

have a wonderful day and think of me in a good light:)


  1. i think of you bathed in light, babe

  2. thank you
    I hope you are having a wonderful July!
    love, anastasia