Friday, July 5, 2013

My Lady Wormwood

I have two wormwood plants. I started them from seed last year and they have taken their place in my herbal patch. Beneath her is Ztravets and another geranium who's color I vibrant red!
I will wait for her to flower and distill her for a hydrosol.

Wormwoods is pretty awesome to have around. She offers protection and repels lower types from her area. Nothing wants to eat her. I will save some seeds back and surround my circle garden with wormwood and tall marigolds. Nothing wants to eat those either..
Artemisia Absinthium
Pungent bitter in taste and makes you  high..mix it with opium and a bit of sugar..humm
no opium here, but plenty of wormwood..
maybe I should make a tonic??

is a distilled tonic including the thujone material coming from wormwood. it is the thujone which gives wormwood its kick and druggie effects and also it is the thujone which makes wormwood so incredible. It'll wipe out any creeper in your intestines..or so they say..I would try it if I thought I should.
The tonic "absinthe" is a mixture of more than just wormwood but,  they called it Absinthe, The Green Fairy, Green Goddess or La Fee Vert..In the arly part of the 19th century, many artists and writers of the day would consume absinthe..I think some may have  lost their minds..

I like Erwid's Info on wormwood..

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