Thursday, July 25, 2013

Chiron Neptune and the Moon in Pisces

If this is the zap zone, then we are getting on with it just fine. Yes there are some out there who are not becoming what they need to be and are perhaps suffering. I cannot think too much  about that. I have been there though and it sucked. Even through all that tragedy, I learned. I learned to stand up for who I am and be happy. And I learned to know exactly what  being happy for me, means. It means being honest with my self and not being scattered all over the place. I am doing one thing or two, which I love and then listening, thinking, and working on my mind some more.

How about you? Today is a good day to get in your vague foggy area in your life and really look through all the smog and be real. Be fucking real and stop complaining all fucking day! You don't think we all feel the same sorrows?  Or, have been hurt, suffered, known loved ones dying a slow agonizing death, fucking people burning their houses down in Detroit?
It sucks, I know. Do not think for one second that people will ever care as much for your agony as you do, because mostly, they may create the same emotions and make their own hate fucking arrows to throw at you one day.
"Smile and the whole world will smile with you, cry and you cry alone"
Cry then, I do...but be real, don't grope and reach aimlessly at any seemingly seductive know better than that!

That there "rant"was a Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune and Chiron..what you thought that all that Pisces energy was about spirituality and getting a buzz?? Non..well, yea but Pisces doesn't waste time. They will tell it like it is and not feel bad once about that!

may we all just get to the point and then take a lunge for it like an electric eel would in  great depths, knowing instinctively what is best and trusting God within for the best things to always automatically come

YE ii YA!!!
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