Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mars at 23 Gemini


We always look at Mercury retrograde like it is the only thing, course it isn't..Mars is about to move hard and fast and show us some stuff.
What stuff?
Look at what and where  you have in Sagittarius in your chart  and look at yourself and then look at the other side of that.
Or if you are Gemini and Pisces.
I happen to have Saturn in Sagittarius in the 12th  and many6th and  7th house  stuff for me..coming from a place of duties, work, hidden secrets(come to me mighty ISIS, om)))
hidden lies
12th house is knowing people who have done wrong
who need you to hear them
and still love them
look back inside your mind
inside your true self's mind
hide and be outside the fray
work related
 The nice thing about Mars transits for me is that Mars transits last a short time, long  enough to where you must react and change but quick enough that you can move on.
Life is heartache and discomfort to some and to others not so much. The other nice thing about this transit is that when Sagittarius is involved, there is learning.

Aries..about love and sex
Taurus about diet and lifestyle changes
Gemini, reality and losing and old way, drop it are fine.
Cancer, gently saying, giving comfort feeling like like you want some now..awe
Leo, you are delicious now, best time to get some work done through help from others
Virgo, finish your business and be what you want to be
Libra, do your job and smile..this is where you shine through your words..
Om to Lakshmi and Durga and Saraswati, om..
Scorpio, show your loyalty and your and other's hearts heart will expand and love you more..
Sagittarius, don't be a know it all, it is annoying..even through we know that you know:)
Capricorn, rest my sweet one and think and be well, and eat something good and speak a kind tale
Aquarius, your life must change even just a little, make the adjustments that are necessary and all will be right again, that injury will not go away unless you address this now..
Pisces, time to get everyone back in line with what you want done. thank you..

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