Tuesday, July 2, 2013

when Jupiter and saturn are in a happy place

When you get a Jupiter Saturn transit, you are on the look out for just about anything.
Things get crushed and spun around so fast that, well, the bullah hits the fan.
And even though Jupiter is now in Cancer and Saturn is now in Scorpio, there was still an adjustment period in there. We're good..it is a trine and all for our best results.

Ok, so, now lets talk about the Mercury retrograde!
Let's take July to get caught up on stuff we let go to rot and people we may have disappointed. It is a fixing time..clean up time and pay the piper time..don't be scared.
There is no hiding who you are so just remember that. Be the woman and man you always  thought you were.

Meanwhile, thank you for buying soap from the shop. It allows me to continue making wonderful soaps and aromatic creations for all of us to enjoy. 
When I choose an essential oil combination and weeks later it unfolds itself before me, I shudder with awe..every time!
After all these years, working with essential oils, and never have I been bored or uninspired..the array of choices is endless.

have a wonderful day

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