Thursday, July 11, 2013

my awesome day in soap making

I had taken a week off of making anything due to some time devouring situations at my job which i love.
So as it goes, I have made some mighty fine plans for an awesome batch of soap, maybe two..

Here are some ideas for the next few soap bars

Organic Lemony Lemon Soap
Bergamot soap with oolong and lapsang su shong

The bergamot soap will be loaded with oil. not a few drops. I  want it to radiate its scent. I will hold her down with black pepper and frankincense, one drop patchouli and I will serve her in brown handmade paper. she will be kind of smokey like Earl Gray and bold like you and me.

I am so excited about it because I accidentally bought 32 ounces of bergamot instead of it is time to be generous with myself and you.

It is almost time for cucumber soap from the garden. This year I aim to distill cucumbers from my garden and then add that material to soap..I  get so excited!
Have a wonderful day..

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