Wednesday, July 24, 2013


"sup boy?"
"Nothing, I am sad."
"how come, everything is fine, we're living our life, it is another sunny day, here, have a spinach and cheese triangle"
20 minutes later..
"wow, that was amazing, I feel better"
He was hungry and if he is anything like me, he needs some carby  delight to  make it through the day.
Don't get me wrong, I love vegetables and fruit. Yesterday, I practically ate a whole watermelon, but, I still ate some bread later.
I know, I know, the gluten..there is a whole lot of gluten in wheat but, I somehow can eat some and I do not swell up. Now I am not talking about eating bread all day, and I do enjoy all the grainy ones too. But you make a Tuscan salad with black olives and boiled eggs and olive oil and fresh tomato, well, you are gonna want a crusty Italian or French bread with that because the salt and the olive oil and the juice from your tomato and basil make a sauce you have to dip..I am dipping!

I know I have given you this recipe before, I  know,  it is sooo delicious. When you add the fresh basil to this recipe, it goes through the house and it brings everyone in so they can hear and  understand you and your food becomes a spell which binds and attracts compasion, healing, comfort and joy. 

Herbally Yours Spinach and Cheese Triangles

get one container of each item at your best grocer
filo in the freezer section
baby spinach
rinsed and dried on a clean towel
ricotta /cottage cheese mix
drained in a strainer till the whey drips out 
add your spices and herbs
 I like basil and cilantro oregano thyme dill lemon salt pepper
and one very good egg beaten but good
olive oil for brushing
bake at 350 for 25 minutes more or less

one sheet of filo holds about a tablespoon of mix brush lightly with olive oil, put a dollop of mix at the top edge
fold in triangle ( you'll figure it out)
and as far as folding, some of us are better than others.
My mother's triangles are perfect, me not so much!
I made 12, they were eaten in 12 minutes:)
yes, mommies are about that kind of comfort. something warm in your tummy and no upheaval:)

Summer Salad to go with your cheese thing
one red tomato, sliced
feta cheese or your favorite sharp cheese
sweet garden chilies, sliced
super fine olive oil
fresh basil
one or two boiled and cooled eggs (optional)
olives, brined, not out of a jar

I do not add anything out of a jar to this salad like artichokes or sweet roasted peppers, I just want the simple freshness of the summer fruit to shine..because everything is fine:)

have a wonderful day:)

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