Saturday, July 27, 2013

during the crusades

When rich warriors went over seas to the east to kill  people for "the cross" and then burn steel and pillage and for sure rape the women, those guys were there for years with thousands of soldiers, you don't think in four years they would have picked up customs and ideas and brought them home?
I'm sure that it felt like witchcraft to the peasants to see acid melting metal and creating vapors. Funny thing is,  even the most simplest man liked and accepted  cinnamon and the amazing scent of oranges or bananas. Foods, before they were genetically modified, oh, and spices and resins before pollution from airplanes and bombs having settled on everything. Even in my time as a child in Northern Greece, an orange was a really special treat...
I love to eat an orange and a banana get juicy wet volatile perfume from the orange and then the creamy "smoother over" by the banana... like the banana just wants to take the edge out of the orange's volatile oils.. like a sweet couple of fruit being harmonious together:)

You know in Costa Rica, they pay The Nicaraguans to come spray the banana organic bananas if you want to..

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