Saturday, July 20, 2013

hot hot hot

It is so hot out there the plants are wilting. I refresh them when that happens, that is why they love me like they do:)
And, this is why we stay indoors during hot days like this. The air feels like an oven. Now we can get a wee glimpse of the sun's potential. Here in Michigan it made storms. Big glorious storms with the tallest clouds hovering and then unleashing their engorged release on us.
I have to say, it has been a kind of  July, the likes of which I have never experienced!
The heat forces  us to rest and not be doing something all the time.
People ask me, why I can't just sit down? I can and do, but as a momma, full time worker and devoted master soap maker, there are always missions to be accomplished!
I do my best:)
coconut cream soap with lime and shea butter

The gardens are amazing and at the moment, there is rose of sharon, aka, hibiscus, totally in bloom out there. It is awesome and, the blessing with all this rain, my water bill be will be very low this year..

I feel free from worry and have no fear of living..
We get all caught up, don't we?
We get all too overworked and cry or one of the kids gets sick and our whole day is made to be adjusted to that scenario..clean up and then laundry...(I like cleaning, I do)))

I am free from fear of success
I can grow in my business easily and happily
My soap is stunning and beautifully made:)
These are things that have been going through my mind:)

have a wonderful day

This corn was planted so that the cucumbers could climb on something, but, since its organic from organic seeds, we are gonna eat it. I saw some babies in there the other day.

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