Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Harpy Birthday Virgoan Lovelies

I love Virgos! Boy Virgos are my favorite among my other 13 favorites..
If I were to say that there were 12 or 13 types of humans..and if I were to give them qualities of the seasons in which they are born..there just might  be a reason to tie in astrological archetypes in our daily lives. I would say Virgo types are awesome!
Human kind is what it is today because we cherish certain qualities in each other and raise them in our cultures and life styles.
When I think Virgo, I think about how they plan their time. It seems to me sometimes it takes them longer to achieve a goal because they can wait for the best things..even when every one rails at them..they do not alter what needs to happen in many cases..which is to wait, ponder, plan and penetrate at the best moment.
This could lead to piles of clothes or a hole in the wall they mean to fix soon. :)
Don't get me wrong, as wondrous as they can be in the bedroom, they can tear your heart in pieces. They are always paying attention and yet it seems like they are dim on the most simplest of requests!
Put Saturn on top of that and you may have a slow starter..or an OCD slob who can't even get to his bed due to the clothes that smell of goat and grains all in piles! Ask him or her to break down a formula or lead a will happen and he will grease it..and make you clean the grease cuz he doesn't like to get too yucky on his hands!

Happy Birthday my Virgoan hunkin, lovely, beautiful faced, smart, funny, and super sexy, Virgoan Gods...

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