Sunday, September 13, 2015

pounding pavement

hello :))

Our summer is over here in Michigan as far as I can see. it is dang cold outside right now..
What is this Sweden?
I am sure this is normal there for their actual summer.
I always wanted to go there but now I won't.
Like I am gonna get more tired traveling through airports and all that stuff.
I have to say, I love going home. Sometimes I am just so so grateful I get to have this really nice house to come home to.
I am at the center from where everyone lives..all my loved ones, kids, mom, the only ones I do not get to see are my soapies from all over. But still we feel so close don't we? I do!

Barbara, Miss B..I love you and happy birthday!

Today I will stretch and do plank is finally getting easier.
I will not eat a whole baguette and I will smile and be polite.

The other day...
"anastaisa in whole body, line one'
I couldn't get it the first time because in retail it gets to where your in the middle of something far away from the nearest phone..and three "I am in a hurry" people on my tail.
second page"anastasia..line one"
me, "thank you for waiting, how can I help you?"
she began to spell yelling  each letter of the item and yelling over a speaker because she was driving with kids in the car..I was already pissed about that but maintained my composure..Just park the car in a safe zone and then call people.
"O L B A S    P A S T I L L E S"
"yes ma'am we have Olbas products, the cough drops, they are about 7 dollars"
"the 60 count?"
"yes ma'am, the 60 count"
"where are you located?", she yelled.
I told her where and she said, I don't know how to get there from here, just tell me, I am in a hurry!"
" I do not know where you are ma'am..where are you?
She could have said, Egypt and I would have been able to help her the same..
"I do not know ma'am, go west on ten mile..till you get to orchard lake road and then go north."
"where is west,, I don't have time to talk to you!!"
She shrieked at me!
I hung up, gently..
I figured if she calls back, I can ignore her and giver to some other poor soul..

Now, here is the thing about people, they forget themselves and then do stupid things. Like drive in traffic and try to search products to buy at the same time! Just park the car and find our where you are before yelling at someone who is surviving..
I mean babe. really now..chillax.
One of these days, I will have forgotten this encounter and moved on to the next interesting one.
The day is young, she might find out she lives just behind where I work..LOL

Gemini folk..All I am saying is, you will survive and thrive. that is when you decide you are all in.
You have opportunities to really define yourself and also you could just quit and go to the next thing. Time ticks and what I say to most young Gems, is " focus focus focus and put away childish things"

I will say more on astrology in the next few days..remember, it is a reflection of my impressions and not personal.

Have a good day..xoxoxoxoooooo

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